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Bananas are another fruit that often harbor stowaway spiders (though the so-called banana spiders that hitch a ride on fruit from Central America are almost always harmless), Blackledge told Live Science. Who knows, maybe this small step can also help you wash any lingering black widows right down the drain.

The spiders' venomous bites can kill a mosquito, fly, caterpillar or even a grasshopper. While these spiders' bites can cause fatalities in humans, they rarely do, according to the National Institutes of Health, which states that fatalities from black widow bites typically occur among young children, the elderly and those who are extremely ill.

"Yes, black widows are venomous, but they pose very little danger to humans," Scott said.

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These spiders can choose when to inject venom into their perceived attackers, and how much to inject.

The same study that found black widows tend to reserve bites for extreme threats also found that black widows' bites are usually venomous only when the spiders feel their lives are in imminent danger.Instead, the prodded black widows in the study often ran away, played dead or flicked a few strands of silk at their attackers.When they do bite, they don't usually kill Black widows eat insects, as well as other arachnids, that they catch in their webs."Spiders communicate with each other using vibrations and chemicals called pheromones," Scott said. Black widow females put pheromones on their silk, which is attractive to males.It's [like] a scent-based personal ad — he can tell if she's mated before, if she's hungry." And despite what her name suggests, the female black widow doesn't always dispose of her mate after copulation, Scott explained.The spider didn't bite anyone, but its very presence has caused quite a stir in the media, with news reports warning of the spider's "potentially deadly bite." A similar story played out in May, when a woman in Vermont reached into a bag of grapes and was bitten by the venomous black widow.

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