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These were some of the words being used in the news to describe Californian sex offenders Ronald Boyajian, 49, Erik Peeters, 41, and Jack Sporich, 75 as they were being arraigned last month.

The three men were arrested separately in February for different reasons.

Sporich, known as the “Pied Piper of the Pedophiles” by the police for his molestation of an epic 500 boys at summer camps, was the most flagrant violator of all.

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Brian Montague said that police have not received reports of the alleged We Chat sex scam, which appears to be criminal extortion.

Scams like this are probably under-reported, Montague said, because men are embarrassed by being duped or fear telling police that they were involved in a potential crime of soliciting prostitutes.

It’s not clear if the scammers involved in the cases reported to Ming Pao are based in Vancouver, China, or elsewhere.

But in Singapore has reported that over 200 men have fallen for a We Chat scam with identical elements.

(but when she didn’t show up) I was called by a man with a Chinese accent.

He demanded more money and started scaring me by saying he had gangster connections who could track down my address.” Vancouver police Const.

I transfer more i Tunes points if he wanted the girl to show up and give him sex. I tried to back out of the date gangsters would track him down and cut off his arm. I told Ming Pao that he went home to hide, and he did not report the alleged extortion to police in Richmond or Vancouver.

two more students in downtown Vancouver reported being stung by the same scam, including being threatened with an attack by gangsters.

Whichever way you cut it, there is a huge issue here, and it doesn’t stop at the trauma of the sexual violations, either.

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