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Are you stuck on the last, most tricky level of our Christmas Lemmings demo? Mouth Man There's nothing quite like a classic arcade game for simplicity and payability, and this is one of the best conversions we've seen. Duel What do you get when you mix the power of the Amiga, a reader with AMOS 3D and classic tank game Battlezone? Biplane It's fun, it's silly, and it's the third complete game on this month's Coverdisk.

Take to the skies for a cartoon dogfight confrontation! The AMIGA Collection FORMAT COMPLETE FULLY-USEABLE PROGRAM!

System 3 present an eclectic mix of gnomic battling and subterranean exploration Try it!

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And it puts those grey, boring businessy types with their IBM PC compati- bles in their place, too!

What's great about the success of the magazine is that it gives us the muscle to bring you ever better value, and of course that brings us on to this month's other exciting development: the start of the AAMIGA FORMAT Collection.

It's fun, it's funny, it's rewarding and it can be easy to get into.

We fill you in on the theori behind cartoons and bring you an idea-packed guide to starting out in animation. As the Amiga grows and grows, it seems that 512K is no longer enough (and if you've only got 51 2K you won't be able to use the fabulous Coverdisk program Vista).

A win- dow showing the contents of the Coverdisk will open. Help animation, Biplanes game or Myth demo, just double click on the Icon (again with the left button).

For the others, dou- ble click with the button on the drawer marked with the name.

Animating with Graphics 140 Workshop With its moveable objects and its cell animation techniques, Graphics Workshop is possibly an even more powerful anima- tion package than Deluxe Paint. So here's everything you need to know about getting more RAM without getting ripped off! ia4 If you're new to the Amiga, you'll be keen to get your hands on this latest instalment of the series that explains how the Workbench disk works... Damien Noonan, Editor Hello and welcome to AMIGA FORMAT, the world's best-selling magazine especially for Amiga owners!

We gave you the £70 program more or less free with Issue 30: now find out how to make the most of its animatic power. Were also pleased to announce this month the exciting news that this is now the biggest-selling computer magazine in Britain, which only goes to show what a major phenomenon the Amiga has now become.

As for the rest of the magazine: well, it's the usual broad-minded mix of the best in Amiga news, reviews and tips. turn «■ MYTH* Get some bone-shaking action in the fully-playable demo of System 3s near-legendary monster mash! * A simple level solution for all puzzled puzzlers Mouth-Man Duel 4 Biplane Three complete games bring you some real arcade action Plus Something really, really silly!

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