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If he catches the player, he will kill them, resulting in a jumpscare and not becoming friends.

According to the developer commentary and the newspaper The Beaver holds, Flumpty kidnaps the player because he feels like it, and he wants a friend.

Also, he has no set path, and will teleport to a random room or at the door of The Office.

If he is not in any cameras, his next stop will be The Office in a few seconds.

I'm immune to the plot, and can transcend time and space. He is friends with the equally as violent Birthday Boy Blam.

According to him, he is "immune to the plot", "can transcend time and space", and kills anyone when he feels like it.

Flumpty also seems to play around a little bit, as when he is at the door, he seems to be playing peek-a-boo with you.

Flumpty Bumpty would have reappeared once more as the playable character and final antagonist in One Week at Flumpty's. " *Giggle* — Flumpty's phone call to the player in One Night at Flumpty's Flumpty Bumpty, or Flumpty for short, is the main antagonist in One Night at Flumpty's.If they survive, the player and Flumpty become best friends.Flumpty's appearance remains the same as his design from the first and second game.Flumpty presumably starts in "The Egg's Chamber" in CAM 01, and slowly makes his way towards the office in an attempt to kill the player.He is a large, pearly white, anthropomorphic egg, with a constant smile on his face when he isn't killing the player.

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