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I think its hard to compare when you are doing two different jobs.I'm not offended I just hold people who have been in the industry long enough and i respect to a higher standard because I feel like you should know its not always fair. In many cases the jumps will actually decrease in size as you move through the line.

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The good news is that Beowulf will be done next year, and perhaps the DH side may start to get more attention, as days gone by. especially as a 650b rider the new rockstar jumps and also the bottom of prostar were just awkward and unnecessarily scary.

I absolutely love the park and its atmosphere but in order to keep up with big white (which is opening next summer) you guys need to make it bigger and better.

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chat line cam sex live, live milf sex, live video sex slave chat, teenage boys sex lives, live sex webcams uk, live sex net.Bring in real diggers who aren't going to dumb down the park and iron out everything else.In the last 3 years you have focused on the people who are newer and only want to ride xc which is perfectly fine but maintain your fanbase or they're all going to ditch you for big white.I have ridden this resort since the expansion over a decade ago, and the new jumps that were built (instead of just tweaking the old ones) are treacherous (especially the 2 before the Superstar bridge crossing).Its obvious the original trail builder (whose work was commendable) is no longer digging.The explosion of enduro has "shifted the focus" (or so it seems) away from the DH trails.

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