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And they perform from the privacy of home, while parents are nearby, beyond their children's closed bedroom doors.The business has created youthful Internet pornography stars -- with nicknames like Riotboyy, Miss Honey and Gigglez -- whose images are traded online long after their sites have vanished.

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Editors' Note: March 6, 2007, Tuesday An article by Kurt Eichenwald on Dec.

19, 2005, reported on a teenage boy's sexual exploitation on the Internet, and an accompanying Reporter's Essay by Mr. Eichenwald said he was trying to maintain contact out of concern for a young man in danger, and did not consider himself to be acting as a journalist when he sent the check. Eichenwald explained in his essay that, at the outset, he did not identify himself to Mr. After they met in person, but before he decided that he wanted to write an article, Mr.

The group discovered and released documents about COINTELPRO, a secret domestic surveillance program that targeted "dissident groups, civil rights leaders and anti-Vietnam War activists".

In the United States, the "Freedom of Observation Act" is passed allowing for the creation of ODIN (Optical Defense Intelligence Network).

If children respond to messages, adults spend time ''grooming'' them -- with praise, attention and gifts -- before seeking to persuade them to film themselves pornographically. Many teenagers solicit ''donations,'' request gifts through sites like or negotiate payments, while a smaller number charge monthly fees.

But there are other beneficiaries, including businesses, some witting and some unwitting, that provide services to the sites like Web hosting and payment processing.

Not all victims profit, with some children ending up as pornographic commodities inadvertently, even unknowingly.

Adolescents have appeared naked on their Webcams as a joke, or as presents for boyfriends or girlfriends, only to have their images posted on for-pay pornography sites.

Weeks before, Justin had hooked up a Web camera to his computer, hoping to use it to meet other teenagers online.

Instead, he heard only from men who chatted with him by instant message as they watched his image on the Internet.

''We've been aware of the use of the Webcam and its potential use by exploiters,'' said Ernest E.

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