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To correct the error and export up to 8 channels, choose (external application) and specify a command that tells Audacity to explicitly use the native FFmpeg AAC encoder. It happens when your computer sound device has a bad or mismatched driver or there is a problem with a system driver that interacts with that sound device.

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You can check this by opening the AUP file in a text editor like Notepad or Text Edit (on Mac).

The AUP file is saved last, so an empty AUP file can occur if you shut down the computer or close the lid on a laptop before the project is completely saved.

If the bug is not known about, please give us enough information that we can reproduce the bug ourselves on the correct operating system.

Otherwise it's unlikely that we'll be able to fix it.

To correct this, see remove redundant lines in an AUTOSAVE or AUP file.

Open..., this usually means the AUP file is seriously damaged, or most likely, empty.

Who Crashed is a Windows tool that makes it easy to identify the driver or module at fault.

Another good idea is to test the computer's memory for errors (see help for Windows and Mac).

If necessary the exact driver or module causing a computer crash can be pinpointed on Windows by examining the memory dump made when the crash occurred.

You can find the dump by right-clicking over , then click the "Advanced" link or tab, and under "Startup and Recovery", choose "Settings...".

Settings must match in: Make sure the device is connected properly.

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