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We all had a great piss up and the next morning she went to the bank, drew her winnings and headed off back to Chiang Mai. Without the caribao we cannot farm and will have no rice. I need a divorce before I can matty you and have to pay the lawyer. Hubby is thrown out for duration of visit but the money just keeps on flowing.

A restraining order is issued preventing the man from going near his own house. A friend of mine met a rather exotic Georgian (as in Tbilisi, not Atlanta!

) girl who looked rather like the gorgeous Katie Melua, and to make a long story short, married her, paid for half her family to go to UK for the wedding, got her son an immigrant visa, and 6 months down the line she was shacked up with a richer older Harley Street doctor and he'd lost pretty much everything, more or less as described above. Threads like this always remind me of poor old Rolf from Bochum.

Unless it's for the $$$$$$ ;)Anyone with half a brain would know that all Russian women are built like tractor mechanics... q=tbn: ANd9Gc Rs V74K2iaan TZFSf Ot Ak Wk TBOx QW_xb Eu0TYmt SNIx RJd Dba5ZIg

q=tbn: ANd9Gc Stg Inacg DGd Y34m Rfiv8Pt-m Tp4D0Bz8xj5p8Qi Mu6J1qwve Jx Be very careful with these Russian/East European girls.

I speak a bit of German -- enough to ascertain that Rolf from Bochum missed his g/f and that fikken her was always on his mind etc etc.

In fact he missed her so much he had wired 10,000 marks to her bank account so that she could fly over to Germany and marry him....:eek: She was a lovely girl and had hit paydirt. Go to any internet cafe and you can see serried rows of sweet, dewy eyed young things chatting to about five - twenty guys on line at the same time. 'Can you send me some money to pay the internet cafe fees? 'My mom, gran is ill/dies and can I have some money for the doc/funeral'. The caribao has broken a leg and the vet says he can fit a wooden leg for 0.

Sad, really - most of the "from" addresses are male: I think the latest batch of tutors at the scam colleges are not up to the standard of the earlier ones.

I even got one scam with the brackets still present and comments like (insert the name you have chosen) and (the name of the bank).

Clearly he hadn't read the instructions on the DIY scammer package. Welcome to the 'my email address is live' club & expect many, many more hairy, smelly, male, squinty eyed teenage script kiddys to avalanche your inbox from now 'til eternity.

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