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When Amy’s by the numbers approach wasn’t working she started looking into what working for popular people on the site…then created ten fake profiles to ‘collect data’ for a month!What she learned from those results helped her create a far more punchy and fun profile and a set of pictures that highlighted her attractiveness much more than the previous ones.How Amy Webb hacked online dating isn’t as ridiculous as it first appears…For the first few minutes of Amy Webb’s TED talk I was pretty skeptical that her focus on the numbers was going to be of much practical use to her when searching for something as subjective as love and compatibility.

SALT LAKE CITY — Those familiar with the work of filmmaker T. Christensen will notice something different about his new movie, which hit screens June 5.

After producing back-to-back historical Mormon pioneer films, Christensen has re-created "The Cokeville Miracle," the true story of a man and his wife taking an elementary school full of children and teachers hostage with a bomb in 1986 and the incredible events that unfolded.

It's an expensive move, but Christensen is confident the story will resonate with those audiences. From a business point of view, if you really go after it and open in 100 theaters through the South, that is expensive," Christensen said.

"I’ve always felt that if the story is good, word-of-mouth is the best advertiser.

The vast majority of audience members gave the film the highest possible rating, he said.

With that endorsement, it was decided "The Cokeville Miracle" would open on the same day in Dallas, Atlanta and other select cities across the United States where there is not a high Mormon concentration.

It’s just a tool, and like any tool it depends how you use it.

Amy Webb hacked online dating by using the tool wisely and effectively by being sure of what she wanted and going after it without compromising on the big stuff.

I would rather open small, then hopefully people come home and tell their friends, ' You need to go see that.'" Christensen said the story is both terrifying and beautiful.

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