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I have the benefit of education and experience at my age, so I appreciate almost everyone.Op I think the superiority you think you are obseving is a sense of pride, (it takes a lot of hard work to get a bachelor's) and maybe a little insecurity in yourself that you didn't take that route. Some people prefer it if potential mates are just as educated as they are.Frankly, I have no interest in getting a BA because I never planned to attend a UNI.

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For instance, those who are in the dissertation stage often work alone a majority of the time.

Teaching duties further take away the time and social contact needed to meet someone who is an eligible, compatible date. Perhaps the second biggest challenge graduate students face on the dating scene is finding the time to date.

We’re curious to hear how other graduate students navigate the dating scene, so share your advice (or horror stories, if you dare) in the comments section!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Bottom line: There are lots of successful men out there who never finished college (Bill Gates, Simon Cowell, Michael Dell, and Steve Jobs) Don’t pass up a potentially good guy…

me or any of the others like me on here simply because your too busy looking down your nose at people.-A Guy If a woman is young, attractive, has a college degree, no kids...I am noticing a trend of young women with Bachelor's Degrees, which make no mistake, I think, is great.This however does not somehow make a person higher and mightier than others who do not have their degree.Meeting people is perhaps the biggest obstacle grads face who are on the dating scene.Think about it: We go to class with the same—and likely small—cohort of people semester after semester, year after year.Having been in the world of business let me state very clearly…

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