Hlstatsx stats not updating

in your perl directory tehre ware 2 files that might help I can't remember what they do but I ran them on my server and then made the timer to 15 and it worked again. Resolving IPs and re-grouping hosts (total 1 connects) ... If it's any consolation, gazog, I'm having precisely the same problem with my country flags (I chose not to turn Google maps on), and I know I followed the installation to the letter. Cheers.there's nothign else I could relay think of... I installed HLstats X on my server everything seemed to be going fine as far as the guide that shunt wrote. I dont know if its suppost to work like this or not but this is how i did it.try running with a cronjob- Connecting to My SQL database 'xxxxxxxx_hlstats' on 'localhost' as user 'xxxxxxxx_hlstats' ... Thu Mar 2 2006: - DNS: Resolving hostname (timeout 5 sec) for IP "" - No Host I figured one of them would help set your timeout to like 10 seconds or more if antyhing. maybe try your stats admin panel and syncronise statisctics and then use theplaer countries feature see if that does anything. I know I still have the issue but it has been useful. Synchronize Statistics Requesting cheaterlist from master.hlstatsx.com:27501...4 bytes OKRetrieving data from masterserver...recieving 0 bytes in 0 packets...0 cheaters... OKOk im haveing some trouble's with Hlstats X as well. I've been thinking and read but nothing is making sense any more. When I added the file this poped up after wards csxxxxxx_hlstats hlstats_Actions hlstats_Awards hlstats_Clan Tags hlstats_Clans hlstats_Events_Admin hlstats_Events_Change Name hlstats_Events_Change Role hlstats_Events_Change Team hlstats_Events_Connects hlstats_Events_Disconnects hlstats_Events_Entries hlstats_Events_Frags hlstats_Events_Latency hlstats_Events_Player Actions hlstats_Events_Player Player Actions hlstats_Events_Rcon hlstats_Events_Statsme hlstats_Events_Statsme2 hlstats_Events_Statsme Latency hlstats_Events_Statsme Time hlstats_Events_Suicides hlstats_Events_Team Bonuses hlstats_Events_Teamkills hlstats_Games hlstats_Host Groups hlstats_Livestats hlstats_Options hlstats_Player Names hlstats_Player Unique Ids hlstats_Players hlstats_Players_History hlstats_Roles hlstats_Servers hlstats_Style hlstats_Teams hlstats_Trend hlstats_Users hlstats_Weapons hlstats_server_addons hlstats_server_load now when i add my game_file nothing happens but it gives me this message Your SQL query has been executed successfully: The content of your file has been inserted. /usr/bin/perl# HLstats X Community Edition - Real-time player and clan rankings and statistics# Copyleft (L) 2008-20XX Nicholas Hastings ([email protected])# HLstats X Community Edition is a continuation of # ELstats NEO - Real-time player and clan rankings and statistics# Copyleft (L) 2008-20XX Malte Bayer ([email protected])# # ELstats NEO is an very improved & enhanced - so called Ultra-Humongus Edition of HLstats X# HLstats X - Real-time player and clan rankings and statistics for Half-Life 2# Copyright (C) 2005-2007 Tobias Oetzel ([email protected])## HLstats X is an enhanced version of HLstats made by Simon Garner# HLstats - Real-time player and clan rankings and statistics for Half-Life# Copyright (C) 2001 Simon Garner# # This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or# modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License# as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2# of the License, or (at your option) any later version.## This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of# MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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You may need to increase this if on a slow connection# or if you find a lot of IPs are not being resolved.

However,# while is waiting for an IP to resolve it cannot be# parsing log data.

The complete releases and the complete sourcecode can be downloaded from here and will stay here as long as possible.

After a long period of inactivity Banana and the hlstats-community ended the development of HLStats. This will halt any further development and ends at version 1.65.

Additionally, because HLStats collects data using “logaddress_add”, it can receive data from multiple diverse Half-Life servers simultaneously, compiling the data into a single set of statistics.

Adding another Half-Life server to the statistics is simply a matter of configuring HLstats to accept data from the server’s address, and then configuring the server to send log data to the HLstats logging daemon using the “logaddress_add” command.

HLStats provides player and clan rankings for Half-Life servers.

HLStats collects log data using Half-Life’s “logaddress_add” facility (which sends log data as UDP packets from the Half-Life server to an arbitrary remote address), and inserts that data directly into a My SQL database.

a character is optional)# a matches literal A or a# x matches literal X or x## If no clan exists for the tag, it will be created.

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