Hprs and grlas dax

But it didn't work and a few hours later, Lincoln said it again at a pool party.

'This pool is f--king warm,' Dax recalls her saying.

'I let a couple of mother--kers rip,' Dax confessed during the interview.

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I really didn’t like you at all in that take,’ " says Bell.

“So that was kind of fun.”Karen, the extensions, and the enhanced breasts are gone now.

The pain of the incident caused him to let out a few colorful curse words, which his daughter proceeded to mimic.

He continued: 'The worst part of the story is two days later Kristen's walking down the hallway and Lincoln's in her room trying to get this sweatshirt off — she's like 3 — and her arms are all bound up in it and she's getting frustrated and she goes, 'Ow! ''He explained that the couple chose to ignore their daughter's use of the f-word, hoping the lack of attention would get her to stop.

He admits, their tactic worked and Lincoln stopped using the profanity.

He concludes: 'Side note, we were like, 'She's nailing the syntax. I'm winning the battle, but I certainly won't win the war.'When Ellen pointed out that sitting in the middle of the room, in front of the L-shaped couch, it would block anyone sitting behind it, the funnyman hilarious retorts: 'In zero-gravity mode, I'm not in her way.'He explained the chair is so comfortable when it's in the recline position that it feels like he's in zero gravity.He moved his prized possession from his office where it didn't fit to their home theater room where it was placed smack in the middle of the room. The Veronica Mars was clearly unhappy about the whole ordeal, but Dax isn't backing down. ' Shepard asks Ellen when the picture of him in the chair is put up on the screen. Dax, who is married to actress Kristen Bell, says he covers their bedroom windows with aluminum foil, joking 'it's like they're meth addicts.'He also joked that they 'may suffocate' since he puts a towel under the door to prevent the light from shining through so they stay in bed longer in the morning.But the father of Lincoln, three, and Delta, two, admits that his genius plan backfired one night when he was trying to get out of the blackened room and hit the bridge of his nose on a bookshelf.I told the kids to find some other food, Daddy’s making a movie,” says Bell. But I was happy to have a little extra to provide for the transformation.”When Bell appeared in a -like swimsuit for a scene with her screen lover (played by Josh Duhamel), Shepard decided she actually might be too much of a bad girl.“There was a zipper on my bathing-suit front and I wanted to get really aggressive with the boobs,” says Bell. Because he was like, 'People have to pay attention to my movie, not your chest.' ”Shepard has a different explanation: “I was nervous things were going to rip.”The director was soon giving Bell great notes for her performance.

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