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Stealing scenes left and right, once in white-stripped minipants, she appears to be having the time of her life.Jade Anouka's Ariel, who gets to sing every once in a while, is another focus-puller.

Each is supposedly being performed by prison inmates.

It's a smart tactic that gets away from the actors merely taking on male roles.

The abundance of music has in large part to do with Joan Armatrading's contributions.

Some of it gives the impression of being blended into Lloyd's take on London's annual Notting Hill Festival with its gleeful Caribbean overtones.

These include those who drove him from his home and whom the tempest has now shipwrecked--Alonso (Martina Laird) and Antonio (Carolina Valdés) and others--on this far-flung shelter.

Walter is giving her devastating performance in the third of the all-women Bard trilogy Lloyd has put together--the previous entries also imported from London's Donmar Warehouse to St. The other two are , in which Walters played Brutus, and , in which Walters played Henry IV and pulled off a nonpareil deathbed scene.Yessirree, Walters Is no slouch when it comes to probing a role's (double-role's? Foremost are the delightful performances she plucks from the cast.A reviewer is allowed to have a favorite, and this time it's Karen Dunbar, who's a Scottish Trinculo of boastful attitudes.After attending Seymour College and then the University of South Australia (where she earned a Bachelor of Design degree), Yeow worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and makeup artist.Yeow's corporate clients as a makeup artist included L'Oréal and Attitude magazine, Elements of her Chinese heritage feature in her work, including the goldfish, a symbol of prosperity and good luck in Chinese culture.There is so much clever in the Lloyd approach that it's hard to know where to start, but perhaps the best place is in the overarching conceit.

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