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Like Mary Jo, whose marriage fell apart when Tori and Dean worked on a Lifetime flick together (in Ottawa, famously), Brandi’s own union with Eddie Cibrian collapsed when he did a likewise movie with Leanne Rimes. ” posed Brandi, the star, immediately making like Barbara Walters. Why, yes, Mary Jo said, adding, “There’d been no apology, no anything, for years and years.” She also suggested that the mea culpa from Dean, these days the host of TV’s , may have something to do with his twelve steps, or rehab, given his own most recent cheating scandal – this time with wife Tori.

Meanwhile, Mary Jo has not exactly been keeping a low-profile these days.

“I think that it’s an absolute win,” she exclaimed.

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Dean came to see her at her house, and “for two or three hours, took responsibility for everything,” she confirms.

“I was shocked.” The source of the revelation was perhaps even stranger – it came on Brandi Glanville’s little-known podcast, Brandi Un Filtered, during an interview in which both women compared woman-scorned notes.

“It’s been hard, and Jack has been so gracious about it.” Jack now lives with his mother in Los Angeles.

RELATED: Dean Mc Dermott, Tori Spelling Sued Over $400,000 Unpaid Bank Loan Mc Dermott has been dealing with uncertain financial situations, but Eustace said she and her ex-husband were able to workout a payment plan with help from the presiding judge outside the courtroom.

Mary Jo Eustace challenged ex-husband Dean Mc Dermott in court on Thursday, March 9, after filing a contempt of court charge against him for allegedly not paying spousal support payments.“I filed the paperwork myself for the contempt of court,” Eustace told Us, after representing herself in court.

“The judge was very clear that it’s a criminal charge; contempt of court is jail time.”Eustace and Mc Dermott married in July 1993 and officially divorced in February 2006 after Dean began an affair with Tori Spelling.

When Mary Jo saw these reports, “it just didn’t make a lot of sense.

I started to laugh, because you can’t write this.”Eustace said she believed Mc Dermott’s rationale for not paying her was the “usual mantra” of “I don’t have money, I can’t afford.” “But,” she noted, “I don’t buy that mantra.

The ex-couple have one son together, 18-year-old Jack, who spent the better part of last year living with Mc Dermott, Spelling and their four children.

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