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As they try to make sense of what happened, loved ones may experience similar reactions and feelings to those of the survivor.

Fear, guilt, self-blame, and anger are a few common reactions.

These costs include medical services, criminal justice expenses, crisis and mental health service fees, and the lost contributions of individuals affected by sexual violence.

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We service any victim of violent crime and specialize in domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Historically and in its base form, Greeley is largely an agricultural center—livestock, meat-packing, and sugar beets and related processing activities remain extensive today.

Local feedlots can bring strong agricultural “fragrances,” largely imperceptible to long-time residents.

Each survivor reacts to sexual violence in their own unique way.

There are long-term and short-term impacts of sexual violence on overall health and well-being.

Economic impacts of sexual violence include medical expenses and time off work.

Impact on loved ones Sexual violence can affect parents, friends, partners, children, spouses, and/or coworkers of the survivor.

Reactions can range from PTSD and eating disorders to anxiety and depression.

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