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In preparing this part of my work, i have, in the main, proceeded on the same principles as those which guided me in the preparation of its predecessor.

Owing to its inordinate bulk, the first section could not conveniently be brought out in one volume and has, therefore, been cut up into two portions of about equal size.

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It is often necessary to make nice distinctions, some of which may, at first sight, seem needkss or even puerile, hut which, on closer view, will appear to serve a useful purpose.

It is then that the .great difficulty of precise discrimination, and of neat and concise wording makes itself felt. The independent character of the common-case form of the attributive noun has sometimes rendered it possible, H.

I have not, indeed, concerned myself much about minor details of chronology, as, for example, the order in which the novels of Dickens or Thackeray successively appeared; or the question whether Vanity Fair preceded or followed David Copperfield; but the great landmarks in the history of English Literature have been con- stantly kept in view. The quotations used to support my statements, have, of course, been taken unaltered from the sources where i found them, but glaring incon- sistencies in the use of capitals, hyphens, stops and similar typographical niceties have been removed. "And baby is the best traveller in the world," said Donati, 'and in every way the most model baby." Edna I.

The only difference of any importance between this and the earlier part of my work is, that I have now been at greater pains to arrange my quotations chronologically.

This, of course, entailed a repeated rehandling of the references to preceding and subsequent paragraphs and observations. Even when a noun is placed adnominally before another noun, it is mostly felt as a component part of a compound, not as an independent word like an ordinary adjective, which is the case in English.

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