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She attributes her success to her mother's dedication to engaging her in structured activities.Books written from the perspective of a person diagnosed on the spectrum are among the most important resources for families dealing with a diagnosis of autism.Just as we have the eight intelligences in education, we have different learning styles in autism as well.

More than half the cattle in Colorado, the United States, and Canada dwell in humane livestock-handling facilities designed by Colorado State University (CSU) animal sciences professor Temple Grandin.

In addition to being a world-renowned animal scientist, consultant, author, inventor, lecturer, and designer of livestock-handling facilities, Grandin is also a leading specialist and lecturer on autism spectrum disorder, a brain condition that she herself has had since birth.

Temple has a rich collection of information and experiences that help readers understand how she perceives the world.

The books also give insight into possible techniques for helping autistic children.

While this type of mental processing presents significant challenges, Temple acknowledges the many benefits of thinking in pictures as well.

She also discusses categorization, a process that is typically carried out through language.

The article offers insight into learning theories, especially Gardner's Seven Intelligences.

This is complex because the autistic mind process things differently from the neurotypical mind but there are differences among individuals with autism as well.

No cookie-cutter approach is going to work for every individual on the spectrum.

However, a combination of interventions catered to the needs and thinking patterns of the individual can work wonders.

We use words to organize the world, when an individual is unable to use words for this purpose, she must develop another way to put things in order.

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