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For me, the naturalism and charm and fierceness that comes with who Elliot is and the commitment to the character made him the obvious choice.” As Ian and Trevor’s relationship blossoms throughout the season, the writing team is working hard to “get everything right,” from the nitty-gritty of the relationship to the terminology.

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Whether this will be a lasting relationship or not remains to be seen, but Ian will receive support from the Gallagher clan — especially from his older brother.

“Lip's always had a real curiosity to try and figure out how people work.

What motivated you do apply to be on the dating show? Before hand I would never have thought to go on a show like that.

But when I was approached and they explained what the show was, I though “Well, why not give it a go? I was a little bit hesitant about opening up about being transgender because, even though I am transgender, it’s not really the thing that defines who I am.

“The way that Lip approaches Trevor and Ian’s relationship is very similar where he's just trying to make sense of it.

Lip trusts Ian and if Ian wants something or someone, then I don't think that Lip would ever try to stop him.” Ultimately, the trans storyline is not meant to be the centerpiece of the season — it’s just another relationship that the Gallaghers experience.

The Internet did what it does best, ridiculing the situation on social media.

Chase James tweeted: 'First Donald Trump wins the election and now Tinder deletes all of my matches?

Okay, for some of us that might not be the most unfamiliar dating strategy, but in a world full of it’s certainly a new spin on the TV dating format.

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