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We take Sky’s position as our starting point then add to it," he noted, adding Sky is very much a "walled garden" that sees other services as a threat rather than an opportunity.

Further updates are also on the way that bring more than just a revamped menu system.

(If you are unable to catch the timing, you may also hold the PAUSE button down continuously during the restart until the yellow and red LEDs come on.) 4.

When the yellow and red LEDs come on, release the PAUSE button and then press the one or two digits of the kickstart code from the list below on the remote control.

A Ti Vo user can, however, force his or her Ti Vo box into downloading the new software before the scheduled update.

Access your Ti Vo menu by pressing the "Ti Vo" button.

Now the company is taking steps to improve its TV offering for new and existing customers, beginning, the Daily Telegraph reports, with user interface updates that will begin rolling out this week.

The change will bring a slicker, image-focused menu system to existing set-top boxes and Chief Digital Entertainment officer at Virgin Media David Bouchier admits upgrades are long overdue.

Mr Bouchier explained the changes should make it easier for customers to find content they want to watch, something that has been difficult in the past due to Virgin Media's more open approach compared to the likes of Sky.

"In movies we have all of Sky, plus other a la carte services like Curzon and the BFI.

Its biggest change will come towards the end of the year, when the company will roll out a new set-top box designed to compete with Sky Q.

Launched earlier this year, Sky Q supports 4K video and also allows customers to pause and resume television on different devices, a feature Sky calls Fluid Viewing.

Virgin Media is to roll out updates to its existing set-top boxes as it looks to reinvigorate its pay-TV offering.

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