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This only fueled speculation that because he was from Paterson, he may have been shot.

He eventually revealed it was a childhood injury that caused him to develop glaucoma, which resulted in the loss of the eye.

In November, Fetty, a hip-hop artist from Paterson, signed a deal with 300 Entertainment, an independent music label distributed by Atlantic Records.

The lanky guy with the tattooed face and the one eye saunters around the dim room, a recording studio in downtown Clifton filled with the essence of tobacco and marijuana. Because today, "Trap Queen," the record that launched him from the streets of Passaic County into the music stratosphere, was certified gold. Adapted from street slang, both words mean one thing: money.

Wearing two different sneakers on his feet and a long gold chain, he carries a stack of red plastic cups, and distributes them to 20 of his associates. He pours the bubbly into each cup, then asks each person in the room the same question. And over the past few months, that's all Fetty has been.

1 spot on the Hot Rap Songs chart for three weeks; it's also the No. On top of all that, on Sunday, Fetty will perform at the MTV Movie Awards. He delivers his lyrics in raspy yet mellifluous song.

"People don't really call me a rapper," says Fetty, 23. 'Trap Queen.' The 'Trap Queen' Guy." Today he may rap-sing about the Glock in his 'rari, but as a child, Fetty, born Willie Maxwell II, was part of a church quartet, his mother says.

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The clip stars Fetty and his would-be queen, holding stacks of money -- which made something else apparent: his left eye is missing.

As the song became popular, interviewers asked why, but Fetty refused to say.

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