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Jibran shared every thing which happened in those days with me.

I have to stay at aunt's house for at least a month and still I was having 15 days.

Suddenly, The mom sat on iron was not wearing any clothes now. Jibran placed Mom's Legs on shoulders while standing infront of her and then started screwing her in that position.

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When he was firing his hot juice on Mom's belly,she started kissing his face like a Mom. The day onward, Jibran and me were different in friendship. I think you have enjoyed Sex Story Of Pakistani Mom.

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Jibran was ready to go beyond limits so i advised him to ask the neighbor Mom further.

The next day, Jibran given her a smile and soon their love affair started.

I agreed with him on a reason if he meet her in the room which is visible from our window and he will keep a curtain slightly moved from the corner so that I can observe them being in Jibran's room. The door was visible from where I was spying of the bed and an iron stand can also be seen. Jibran knew that I was spying them so he smiled a couple of times during kissing while looking towards my window. I thought of leaving spy act at that time but then I continued to watch them in excitement.

He said;he will try but not sure that he can do that. After a few minutes, Jibran started kissing faces in french kissing can be seen there. Jibran was in underwear and this was my first time watching him in that state. She had four children and the elder one is 16 Y old,doing matriculation. My cousin, Jibran is very frank with me and we are good friends.He said; Really,her intentions in me are not like an affection. When he further explained what activities she did in the recent past, I was also convinced that Neighbor Mom was interested in fun with Jibran.The next day he left for college and I knew the plan that he will enter her house after that. Believe me, I was also feeling lust for Jibran now.I quickly entered Jibran's room by telling my aunt that I am using Jibran's PC for Internet. I was keenly observing Neighbor Mom's Room but the curtains were closed. I was eager to see his tool getting in Hot Pakistani Mom. I have not seen a guy without clothes in real life.Pussy and anal in extreme interracial scenes with wives on the edge of exhaustion, screaming and shaking with huge dicks inside their love holes.

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